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Periodontal treatment

Periodontium refers to the specialised tissues which surround and support the root of a tooth. Normally, the bone crest runs from the lamina dura of one tooth to that of the adjacent tooth and is flat and parallel to an imaginary line drawn from the cemento-enamel junctions of two adjacent teeth. Factors such as dental plague, inadequate hygiene, nutrition or dental cleaning habits, as well as smoking and genetics may lead to periodontal disease. In advanced periodontitis, one of the changes is the development of periodontal pockets. Periodontal treatment is aimed at stopping such pathology.

Our specialist periodontist holds a licence to practice secondary care and has been providing gum disease treatment since 2002. The treatment is broadly divided into non-surgical treatment (drugs, root surface debridement, oral hygiene) and surgical treatment (periodontal pocket reduction in affected areas). Our clinic provides both types of periodontium treatment. In addition, we can also provide, if necessary, regenerative periodontal procedures to restore your bone to a healthy level. We also provide soft tissue plastic surgery and gum recession treatment. After periodontal treatment our patients become our ‘friends’ as regular appointments for the tissue level follow-up are vitally important. Patients need to visit the clinic every 6 to 12 months irrespective of the severity and extent of the former damage.


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